In the town

In the town of Nalin Taoxing town of the new temple village Guo Sha Sha community on the sand beam, there is a distribution area of ​​about 14,600 square meters of ancient humans have been living. Where the terrain is high, surrounded by gully aspect, vegetation is better. Cultural layer for the black loam soil, thick 0.5 to 1.5 meters. Although the surface is left behind some of the relics fragments, but by analysis or can see, there are red pottery pottery, pottery, beans, 甗, fine string of gray pottery, with sandwich sand and white pottery, sand sand, Basket of gray pottery, stone ax and stone discs and other relics. According to the analysis of these relics, the site of this site should be the late Neolithic period.
The former ditch is a small place name in the town of Liutai in the town of Nalinao Tahe, and on the sandstone of the south
replica watches uk bank of this ditch, scattered fragments of large and small relics, so the archaeologists put this area about 2.38 Million square meters of sand Liang called "before the big ditch site." Site terrain is high, surrounded by undulating dunes, north of the swiss replica watches  Yellow River tributary will be on the south side of the platform there is a small temple. Sand edge of the northern edge of the sand due to the role of the exposed soil layer, 0.3 meters thick. The surface of the exposed a large number of rope coarse grip sand gray pottery, sand and brown pottery and other relics fragments. Through the comparative analysis of the collection of relics on the surface, the site of the site should be an ancient human life in the late Neolithic period.
Nalin Taoya town Aggelma village a community hilly ups and downs, gully aspect. Which has two ditches for the Yellow River tributary will be the upper reaches of the river, the East for Yujiagou, the West for the
rolex replica  Agilma ditch. Close to the west side of Yujiagou, there is a local villagers known as the rotten land of the platform, where the vegetation is dense, scattered in the grass with three pieces of debris, lace Ge fragments, gray pottery wrench, Gray pottery cover enough foot, thin rope pattern red pottery pieces, rope gray pottery mouth fragments, basket gray tattoo fragments and many other relics. Its distribution area of ​​about 10,600 square meters, the cultural layer thickness of 0.5 meters. Through these relics analysis, the site should be late Neolithic to Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties.


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