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I last year in the real estate crazy, and the subsequent physical economy and virtual economy divide the debate, the network software industry has had some wrong understanding. The network software industry as a virtual economy, now that is not correct.

From which event, for the Internet software industry more concern, understand that China's precision machine tools only because of
replica watches differences in software, machine work results and foreign machine compared to the same day. This shows that the software industry can not be called a virtual economy, he is an integral part of the real economy, and the real economy is equally important, the same important.

In this year, Ma in order to split himself and the virtual economy, the face of the media, he said Alibaba is not a virtual economy, Alibaba is a new era of commercial shops, should be included in the scope of the real economy.

I am now thinking, Ma said also, Alibaba does belong to the new real economy. Alibaba as a representative of Zhejiang enterprises, Zhejiang Li Ma, Zhejiang Province, the official newspaper is said to be full of
fake watches Alibaba for the real economy. In response to Ma's statement.

The development of the economy depends on the close and frequent trade.

To be honest, Alibaba did the above criteria.

In the Western countries, some experts wrote a "world is flat" writings, that is, the development of science and technology, the Earth's space from the artificial narrow, and previously impossible trade exchange has become a
replica watches uk reality. Whether it is Amazon or Alibaba, they are the traditional meaning of the business model subversive. Previously because of the distance from space, because the information asymmetry, the earth a lot of resources for the waste of people, or did not achieve the best of the best. New business model so that they are new, cattle urinate Ma Bo, have a useless. This is a great idea.

May 17, Google held an annual developer conference, Google's focus after the full change to AI above.


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