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Guan Qingyou pointed out swiss replica watches that since last year, the central banks began to take the initiative to gradually give up the past quantitative easing policy. Now the Fed has begun to discuss the table, China will adjust the monetary policy to a stable neutral, the world began to replica watches shrink. The impact of this contraction has emerged, interbank market interest rates began to rise, the bond market is facing great pressure, the financial bubble was squeezed.
Guanqingyou said that although the first quarter of the economic indicators for the better, but the demand for the
replica watches uk fall is actually already in the infrastructure investment has been strictly regulated. We have recently lowered the overall investment in fixed assets, real estate development investment, and the expectations for consumption. Severe real estate regulation will affect the real estate development investment, affecting the investment in fixed assets, thus affecting the operation of the economy.


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