Second, compared to a second-tier urban land market is becoming increasingly tense, the local government for the obvious replica watches uk shortage, and most of the three or four lines of land resources are still well-off, land prices are difficult to rise space, if the local government to open the land unlimited supply , Not only to rise in housing prices is not sustainable, on the contrary will further increase the inventory.

Third, the three-tier cities in the housing prices, the key depends on the population inflow, industrial structure, location, income
rolex replica levels and other factors affecting housing prices, and most three or four lines of urban residents income growth is limited, single industrial structure, net population inflow Decrease, there is zero growth or negative growth. And like this three or four lines of the city, even ushered in short-term property market selling, but also unsustainable.

At present for the three or four lines of the city, the property market regulation will never be unified implementation, but
swiss replica watches because of local policy. For individual housing prices rose too fast three or four lines of the city, should be implemented and other means to control the purchase price, to combat speculative demand. And for the pressure to go to the stock of the city to continue to increase the intensity of implementation. Recently, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province issued the "purchase incentives" policy is very compelling.


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