There are many advantages to monetization. But also exposed to compete for housing funds, boost house prices, increase the gap between rich and poor and other defects. E.g:

2014 domestic land transfer income of
replica watches uk 42940 billion yuan, of which, monetized resettlement and other cost expenditures as high as 339.52 billion yuan. Nearly 80% of the land transfer revenue deviation in the land acquisition and relocation households compensation link, will inevitably make the cost of building renovation and the city finance long-term in a tight state of operation.

It is worth mentioning that the monetization of the resettlement not only boost the demolition and resettlement costs and house prices rise, may also lead to new factors of instability. Beijing City, the old urban per capita resettlement fee has already exceeded 1.5 million yuan, on the one hand far beyond the shed to change the affordability of funds; the other hand, a large number of resettlement costs are also lost in the non-housing consumption channels, And unbridled money, eventually staged the flourishing and bad, quickly return to poverty tragedy in the domestic city has also occurred frequently.

In order to ensure the fairness of the community, landless residential buildings should be leased in the form of rent, shantytowns and urban villages in the demolition of households and accept the conditions of the
swiss replica watches public to stay. The city to play a full range of rental housing unique livable advantage, the threshold should be low, the operation should be standardized, residential environment and matching to be competitive, the lease period to be stable and close to the people, so that the public live, live assured And satisfaction. This will be able to lower replica watches costs (full renovation of the street building cost of about 3,500 yuan / m2), a strong financial strength and construction capacity, so that a large number of high quality, low price, excellent environment across the street residential land.

"Livable" is the dream of the city people's happiness, transformation of about 100 million people living in urban shantytowns and villages in the city, is a well-off major victories. Left us to break the city livable problems and clear the property market bubble is not well-off, the Chinese cities need to work and refuel!


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