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  In fact, in a financial market, there is no equity financing is better than debt financing, the stock market financing is better than the bank loan fake watches financing, but rather the conditions of each enterprise is different, the country's financing tools are different, companies choose different financing methods only The

Because, for financial markets, because the financial is the risk of credit pricing, under different conditions and circumstances, the credit risk is different, companies will choose a different way. So, whether it is bank, securities, or insurance, trust, etc. in different ways, companies do not choose the same. Therefore, any financial market, financial instruments, and financial institutions are equal to their credit is not the 
replica watches same, different companies are based on their choice of different financing tools. China's stock market situation is the case.

So, for the current decline in China's stock market, and the current strict regulatory policies have a certain relationship, but fundamentally not here, there are government officials on the stock market cognitive difference is that they do not understand the function and nature of financing tools, Do not
uk replica watches understand the reasons for the emergence of financing tools. If these ideas do not change, any signs of regulation of the stock market will be the reason for the stock market decline. For the government can not be taken lightly.


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