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The current state-owned enterprises to develop more extensive, industrial chain layout and industry distribution are not reasonable. How to reflect the state-owned economy control, influence? Guangdong Province, "to make full use of Internet thinking (24 hours online, 360-degree contact, massive data to win, focus to the extreme, the development of cooperation and sharing), to promote the transformation and upgrading of state-owned enterprises and development and growth, and continuously enhance the national economy vitality, force."

Shanghai new state-owned capital reform also proposed that the next 3 to 5 years, more than 80% of Shanghai state-owned enterprises concentrated in the strategic emerging industries, advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, infrastructure and livelihood protection and other swiss replica watches key areas and advantages of industry.
Logically speaking, Chinese has a unified text, and Mandarin has become the vast majority of Chinese people common language, in which case, immigrants if not local dialect, should not be affected by the work and income problems. But often we are in a city, ask people around - "Do you think that the local dialect useful?" The vast majority of people do not hesitate to answer "useful".

To Shanghai, for example, you will find that barber shop barber in northern Jiangsu, but fluent local words. Parking lot to replica watches uk see the car, the family had to ask the part-time workers will say local words. And even a colleague and I said that his wife is doing bank finance, but can not say the local dialect, the results of local customers or more willing to find the local people to provide services.

The influence of dialect competence on people is the rolex replica confusion in the process of rapid modernization of agricultural society. In agricultural societies, people may live in a place for generations, and there are very few people in different places, although the text is uniform, but the dialects are different. Especially in the south, the mountains and more water, coupled with the ancient immigrants from the north, forming a more complex dialect. Even if the two adjacent counties, may be said to be completely different words. Even not far from the two villages, the accent is different.


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