Agriculture is a weak industry, less profit, great risk. Weak agriculture is in stark contrast to the complex right setting. The complex right setting swiss replica watches means that the right to run the very high cost.

Especially in the vast majority of Chinese farmers in the city is still difficult to live in the city, and farmers have a strong hometown concept below, farmers prefer to lower the rent and the greater control of 
rolex replica land (at any time to recover the land from the species) The right to operate, if the capital wants to use long-term fixed contract to obtain the right to operate agricultural land, capital must pay a much higher than the current rural land rent. Originally, agricultural income is limited, the risk is high, the possible consequences of high rent is the scale of capital management of agricultural failure. Capital failure, their high rent to replica watches uk  rent the right to operate the farmland who will take over the hot potatoes, and ultimately get the land rent of the angry farmers will go to the land to promote the local government to say. This situation has been encountered in the author's research many times.

The land is a farmer, in the future for a long time farmers still need to get from the land income, it is farmers can get income from the land, the countryside has become China's modern stabilizer and reservoir. China's collective land ownership also provides the basic institutional basis for China's agriculture to move out of the economic difficulties of smallholder farmers in East Asia. Do not support capital to defeat small farmers, including defeating small farmers in the name of the so-called new type of agricultural business. At least in the next 30 years to the main income of agriculture is still left to more than 200 million small farmers.


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