One is short-term and long-term combination. "Along the way" initiative and development is a long process, do not rush for a moment of power. The "one road" initiative is a new concept of peaceful cooperation, openness, mutual understanding, mutual benefit and mutual development, and the development of the economy, the expansion of employment, the eradication of poverty, the improvement of people's livelihood and the protection of the environment. Priority position, active docking country, regional development strategy and global development agenda, to swiss replica watches contribute to the common development and common prosperity of the human fate community. From the development of human history, peace and development are the themes of the times. However, this process is long-term and may be tortuous. We can not see the "one-way" initiative as a short-term global, regional and domestic economic growth Of the propeller, but should be committed to the global, regional and domestic resources, the long-term integration of factor endowments to form a self-circulation elements of the integration of long-term mechanism.

Second, software and hardware combination. In the "one way" initiative, especially the "one way all the way" Summit, driven by China and the relevant economies will work together to promote pragmatic cooperation in key areas, focusing on the overall, long-term focus areas and direction, deepen the infrastructure interconnection Interoperability, trade and investment, financial support, cultural exchanges and other areas of pragmatic cooperation, to
replica watches promote a number of major projects and cooperation agreements. Based on past domestic policy practice and experience with external interaction, cooperation in key areas and key projects may become a "project" cooperation, and the "project completion rate" as the "one way" initiative results of the main assessment indicators The However, this logic may focus on hardware construction, the "project" of the hardware construction logic to develop "one way" initiative may be difficult to continue, "one way" two economic belt of the risk of concern, in particular, "area" The project risk involved may be significantly higher than the "all the way" area. "One way all the way" initiative is actually more appealing to replica watches uk software construction, to form a self-recycling industry factor agglomeration mechanism and economic zone, the core of the infrastructure is the elements of the free flow or low-cost mobile mechanism, and the core of this mechanism is not only high-speed Railways and other Unicom, but also the software mechanism of China Unicom, such as personnel and cultural exchanges and cooperation.


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