He said that the ownership of a large number of capital, rather than a production system. The term "capitalism" first appeared in the 1753 French Encyclopedia, which was used to refer to "people's affluent state". "Capitalism" (capitalism) word as a proper noun officially appeared in the 1854 Oxford Dictionary. Pierre-Joseph Proudon in 1861 interpreted the word as "in the social and economic swiss replica watches sphere, as the capital of the source of income does not belong to those who are produced by their labor" The As a system is about Marx's "Communist Manifesto". From the perspective of Western culture, the essence of capitalism is not for production, but for profit, so from the whole development process and culture of capitalism, capitalism is called capitalism, as it is called fringe, materialism should be more contact with it The essence of Western society.

China's traditional society is an agricultural society, do not attach importance to the exchange of commercial profit-taking nature, even ashamed, in other words, the exchange of goods is to meet the needs of material life, rather than profit, but not the fundamental driving force of social development, The driving force of society lies in the prosperity of agriculture and the development of culture. The source of the whole social wealth is mainly from the agriculture and agriculture-related industries, other industries are only agricultural appendages, handicrafts, including textile, salt, smelting, etc. are to meet the needs of the agricultural society itself, rather than as a special Profit industry appears in the community. China's culture is also compatible with this, pay attention to
rolex replica self-reliance, men and women, rather than business, but not the difference between commercial interests, there is no rational sense and use this to promote economic development. This is the vast area of ​​China's vast natural resources and the vast expanse of fertile land can be used. Although the other value, due to the limitations of science and technology itself, although the Ming Dynasty capitalism budding, but profit is not the mainstream of the phenomenon of society, because the cultural understanding of the business is more superficial, the whole society to commercial exchange and profit-taking Low, and there is no universality to recognize the different regional industries, the replica watches uk level of productivity is different, the benefits of this difference, business is more considered to be hoarding, cheap to buy expensive, and social facts are mostly so, in fact It seems that profiteers, this behavior is not profiteers can not make people believe that the initial interests of Chinese businessmen did not come from the main interests of Ricardo said, but did not recognize the scale of modern society and other profits generated. Until the invasion of modern capitalism to make capitalism in China's great development, so the whole society is a necessity of agriculture. Modern businessmen are both intrigues, more is the development of productive forces generated by social wealth, focusing on the improvement of social and economic benefits, but the irrational plunder is indeed everywhere.


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