common prosperity

After entering the class society, the existence of various exploiting classes and bureaucratic privileged classes is indeed the main source of poverty among the working people. Therefore, it is impossible for the working people to replica watches uk be politically "masters" and not economically "common prosperity" without fundamentally overthrowing the plunder and oppression of the plundering class. If you think about it, the poor are plundered by the oppression, a last resort is still no resistance, indicating that there must be a fatal weakness. Otherwise, the fruits of a lifetime of replica watches labor are easily deprived, why is still safe in poverty? Even if the rebellion, even if the revolution is successful, why most people still fall into poverty? Visible, the poor continue to root, there must be poor internal factors. The internal changes, external changes, the seeds of poverty will continue to sprout, continue to bear the fruit of poverty.    Poor people came to earth, often sigh parents poor, born poor, destiny poor, which think that their life can only be poor, must be poor, can not be poor.
The poor received some education, can be independent thinking and found that he is always working for the rich, exhausted also can not escape the poor. So, complained of being oppressed and deceived. Which, since that life is not good, then swallow, do nothing, had too much. Dare to resist, to rebel against the struggle, trying to get rid of the fate of oppression. Rebellion success, do their own rich, let others do poor people. As for the point of small fortune, often contentment often happy, complacent, satisfied with the "wife child hot picket." Some rogue habits of
swiss replica watches serious and self-abandonment of the poor, earn some money to eat and drink prostitution gambling, spend days, until there is nothing to go after work. And some like cranky, hearsay, all day talking about, superstition ghosts, neither the spirit of hard work, but not good labor, like many monks, thanks to fantasy live. There are also envious of the rich rich countries can enjoy the luxury of life, you can enjoy the "free education, free medical care, free housing, free pension" benefits, but never think about all the costs of free from where, Contribute to something. So and so on, inexplicable.


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