Come back to clean up the mess

In 2008, after the Roh Moo-hyun government stepped down, Wen returned to Gyeongsangnam-do, and went to work in Busan's law firm, and had a self-exile and comfortable life. Wen also often with the retired after returning home pension Roh Moo-hyun gathered to talk.

May 23, 2009 morning, the text suddenly received bad news in the Yin, said Lu Wuxuan committed suicide. In the same way, he became the father of Lu Wu Hyun's funeral, personally announced to the country Roh Moo-hyun's death, the so-called "Roh Moo-hyun heir," the political foundation of this natural lay.
In early 2011, he began to
replica watches uk  participate in political activities, first through the unity of the opposition party activities, but also involved in the establishment of a democratic and unified party work. In the parliamentary elections held in 2012, Wen was first elected as a member of the District Council of Busan, and then participated in the 2012 presidential election in Korea. Although he received 48.02% of the support votes, he was still losing to Pak Yuk-hui, who received 51.56% of the vote.

Pu Gui-hui, although good at the election, but not good at governance, especially in the "cronyism" after the outbreak of the
swiss replica watches people asked to remove Park Ji-hui, another election "national president," the growing voice, which not only to replace the conservative liberals came to power The door, but also reminiscent of the East can always come back in the text, and that only in the text in order to clean up the current South Korea's mess.

The presidential election vote on May 9 this year has once again proved that the text is indeed a popular presidential candidate, although this time his vote is only 41.08%, neither half more than he was in 2012 received 48.0% lower, but that Secondly, one-on-one duel, this time is more than one or two scattered competition, can not be the same day; secondly, the text of the supporters in this time is
uk replica watches not limited to the Democratic Party, is not limited to a region, explain the Korean voters politics The theme of the campaign is not limited to the left and right factions, nor according to local interests, and focus on the three major issues to solve, including the corresponding nuclear issue, political and commercial collusion status of the lifting of the improvement of employment problems.


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