The role of strategic deterrence is the key to maintaining peaceful coexistence between postwar war states, and the same applies to replica watches uk Korea and the United States. Including direct deterrence of China's strategic strike capability and indirect deterrence of Sino-DPRK relations.
  4. China-DPRK relations must be based on healthy, mutually respectful strategic relationships

Since the end of the
swiss replica watches Korean War, the DPRK side for the great sacrifice of the Chinese side in the Korean War, do not say Thanksgiving, even the most basic historical facts do not respect, the Chinese People's Volunteers in the Korean War in the decisive role in the Korean textbooks and the Korean government propaganda and basic materials Almost negligible, greatly hurt the feelings of the Chinese nation. In particular, the DPRK has always been its own, never take into account China's major concerns and strategic interests, the DPRK is clearly that the Chinese people volunteer military aid is to defend the replica watches country and not for the DPRK, North Korea can be identified as a natural buffer zone, Open North Korea, which finds that even if North Korea offended China, China can not how the DPRK, you can again and again, again and again wantonly bent. In particular, North Korea, despite China's serious warning, regardless of time and opportunity, take the world of defiance, in the Sino-Korean border near again and again and again nuclear test, indeed a certain extent harm to China's national interests.


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