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In less than half a year, Trump has suffered the biggest crisis since he was elected president of the United States. US media local time on Tuesday reported that Trump last week and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov meet to share the terrorist organization ISIS top secret information, suspected of replica watches uk revealing state secrets.

Earlier, the New York Times reported that Trump had asked James Comey, the FBI director, to stop investigating former state security adviser Michael Flynn, legal justices. FBI former director Komi wrote in a memo that in a White House meeting in February this year, Trump told Komi, "I hope you can let go," meaning that Komi can give up the investigation before the national security Consultant Flynn.

Michael Flynn was blown to Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, in December last year (that is, when Trump was sworn in), and he was not yet appointed to National security adviser, suspected of violating the United States to prohibit the private participation of citizens in the legal provisions.

Subsequently, Flynn was forced to resign and was investigated by the FBI. However, on Tuesday, the White House came forward to
rolex replica deny Trump asked Komi to stop the investigation. At the same time, Trump also argued that in the international anti-terrorism matters, they have "absolute power" and Russia to share "facts."

By the impact of Trump may be impeached by the news, last night (17) global market emergency hedge model, "panic index" VIX soared 20%! US dollar index fell nearly 1%; spot gold once rose 1.8% hit a new high this month; the dollar index fell below 98, the highest in November last year, Trump won the new low; US 10-year bond yields fell over 4 Percentage points, the biggest one-day decline in nearly two months; and the euro rose to 1.1151 against the dollar, the first year of Trump was elected the next day since the new high.

Even more terrible is that according to the latest statistics of the US government poll website publicpolicypolling, the number of
swiss replica watches impeachment Trump has reached 48%, more than 41% against the impeachment of Trump's support rate. According to Wall Street news, the United States PredictIt website on the probability of impeach impeachment in the recent surge, from the previous 20%, only to 30% nearby.


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