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    "In 1988, I first returned to mainland China, met with Cheng Siyuan, Mr. Ye Zilong and others, after discussing things, the parties asked me where to go, I first went to Shandong Qufu, I want to Confucius. When I was alive, I said that the greatest man in the world was Confucius, five hundred years earlier than Jesus! At the tomb of Confucius, I kneel and pray, and I said to his son, Kim Zhen, " "Some of the officials who accompanied me at the time were standing on the side of the smoke to see our father and son to bow down the gift, maybe they do not understand, do not understand where we come from this set of later I suggested to the parties concerned regularly worship, Some scholars have suggested that after the mainland has been approved for many years, there has been no one to understand the ceremony of the ceremony, and I suggested that they go to Seoul, Korea, as the museum to observe.Through the "Cultural Revolution" and other turmoil, I found that the traditional moral impact In the public, men do not take care of women, women still dare to quarrel in public ... ... these are more terrible than the economic backwardness of the Korean culture, many good things from China I was so impatient to ask high-level people in Beijing - if I did not love China, would I do that? But also because of my outspoken, many Chinese friends never take me as an outsider, and I am happy to tell you my story.

    "Kim Il Sung on my father executive descendants ceremony", it seems that we are better than South Korea to go. After the Qing Dynasty, we abolished the kneeling, that is feudal etiquette, in addition to worship we do not worship heaven and earth, do not worship parents. Zhao Benshan siege to engage in worship, we feel like an evil cult. I think that kneeling ceremony should be abolished, but there should be substitutes, can not be no replica watch substitute.

    Back to the original Mr. Peng Lin criticized Lu Yu's video, he was first criticized is a Tsinghua University leaders, and students in the exchange of their arms when the open on the back of the sofa, it is the most famous Zhou Enlai Of a photo posture, I think the leadership is to show students in front of replica watches uk a strong gas field, and courtesy has nothing to do, if there is, can only blame the students did not hold disciples ceremony. The leader no culture, he did not know, disciples Li is not forced out, can be forced out of the called "slave ceremony", also face the smell of stuffing that we are very familiar with the kind of the swiss replica watches world Are the most common, the kind of China, but also how to say it?
Not allowed to talk pomp, than lavish, extravagant waste. We are not allowed to invite management and service participants and other persons who are involved in the exercise of their powers. The number of banquet more than 150 people, by the unit party organizations in the unit publicity. Banquet standards are not allowed to exceed 1,000 yuan per table (including alcohol and tobacco), the use of vehicles shall not exceed 8.


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