As a result of flat sales

As a result of flat sales, Cook and Apple management until today, has never disclosed the specific sales of Apple watches, this behavior in the history of Apple is quite rare. However, the report of third-party agencies, Apple has now received half of the share of the smart watch market, some analysts believe that the overall market outlook for smart watches is slim, but Apple's watch can rely on Apple's brand to continue to survive.The industry generally believe that the first generation of Apple watches take a lot of detours, launched a pricing of replica watches tens of thousands of dollars of gold version of the watch, hoping to become fashionable fashion products, but was a great failure, Apple has canceled the luxury positioning. In addition, the first generation of watches basically repeats the smart phone too many features, the user interface is chaotic, in the face of too many functions from the mobile phone transplant, consumers think Apple watch as a selling point of the killer function.Fortunately, on the second generation of rolex replica Apple watches, Apple made a major adjustment, emphasizing the health of sports, rather than an omnipotent information device. Second-generation watch to increase the GPS chip, better to achieve the movement distance monitoring, the other can support swimming wear. In addition, Apple and Nike also launched a customized version."Sports health equipment" more clear positioning, brought the Apple watch sales rebounded last year, there have been more than half of the quarterly decline has been alleviated. But last year, Apple's total sales of the watch is still a 7% decline.In March, there are Wall Street analysts quoted supply chain news that Apple may learn Samsung Electronics, LG and other replica watches uk rivals, so that Apple watches support plug-in SIM card, can be independent through the mobile base station and call. This means that Apple watches will be completely out of the iPhone, a completely independent electronic equipment. For enthusiastic outdoor sports users, the independent use of Apple watches will also bring more practical value.


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