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This is in line with academic expectations. Classification reform and governance is considered to be the inevitable trend of state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprise reform there are still some reasons for the problem, an important reason is that the classification of state-owned enterprises is unclear. Some scholars have pointed out that the current state-owned enterprises are facing many questions, it is difficult to hear "good voice" is not implemented with the classification management.

Around the specific classification, the Shanghai SASAC proposed to divide the state capital into a competitive enterprise that highlights market-oriented and industrial development, functional enterprises that bear government-specific functions and tasks, and provide three categories of protection services for public services or products.

There are dividends divided into operating and non-operating "dichotomy", as well as the state-owned enterprises swiss replica watches are divided into pure public welfare, pure profitability, and public welfare-based profit, profit-based public interest for the " " Foreign classification of state-owned enterprises are also different.

Classification of supervision, which areas is the state-owned enterprises should enter it? Are large state-owned enterprises (including central enterprises) on the self-destruction of the Great Wall, exit and multinational companies in the world market direct competition?

"China's lack of great business organizations  replica watches uk can foster world-class enterprises around state-owned enterprises. At this stage, China needs to use state-owned enterprises to participate in the integration of global resources." Home world "," China's world " Culture is the internal obstacle of Chinese private enterprises to become world - class enterprises.

Wang Zhongming said: "For the replica watches relationship between national security and the lifeline of the national economy in a very small number of areas, we must confidently strengthen the monopoly, to participate in international competition.


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