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For a long time, China's global strategy has always been heated discussion for people of insight, because such a big country like China, not a systematic global strategy is unthinkable. With China's overall national strength growing, with China's economic status to match the big strategy or world strategy more urgent. Now, "all the way" carrying such a request and mission, anyone can see that "along the way" so continue to develop so, even if there is no strategic subversion, but the political destructive Unbearable, the result must be many countries in the world, many areas of the development process into China's track, the US and Western strategic space and leadership effectiveness to suffer a great deal of compression and weakening.

In this regard, self-proclaimed leadership of the world of the United States and Western groups how to do it?

One way is laissez-faire, whether or not to ask.

There is little chance of taking this attitude. Because the United States from the strategic mettle, no one thing in today's world can be ignored for the United States, any of which have an impact on the United States, all involved things, the United States have to intervene, which is hegemonic nature.

They can not see China succeed! In the face of 
replica watches uk China's "all the way," the choice of the United States and the Western group is nothing more than two, one way is to block the containment, as they used to do the same; another way is to try to control, Shell crab home Now, they are still hesitant to swing, have not yet determined what should be effective to deal with.

This is a period of great success in China's strategy. The ancient Chinese famous writer Lu You said, "Ru fruit to learn poetry, martial arts in the poem"; revolutionist Lenin said, leading to the road through Paris in Beijing. The biggest problem facing China's strategic strategy is the US and Sino-US relations. However, it is far from enough to do the article on the issue of Sino-US relations, or it is serious
swiss replica watches enough to change the passive situation, But also can not change the United States out of the Chinese answer to the embarrassing situation, must be outside the Sino-US relations to open up new world, new areas, the implementation of indirect route strategy, so as to strive for initiative, rather than by others. "Along the way" is a good case. Now, people are clearly see, in the strategy, "along the way" marks the Chinese in the very close, in the west close, can be referred to as "strategic west". And after a period of time, the United States carried out a massive strategic shift eastward, the iconic project is "to replica watches return to the Asia-Pacific." An eastward shift, a westward, two huge strategic projects contrasting down, a growing faint, a vigorous development of such a situation will produce what kind of political influence of the abyss, believe that all uphold universal values ​​and its The flow of Yang wave of people have a very painful feeling.


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