The birth of the way is a big narrative, not only because of the high-end nature of this plan, but also because the fake rolex plan will affect or even subvert the world pattern.National technology makes continents and continents, countries and countries more closely linked, land countries The gap between the economic development gap is large, the industrial layout of the difference is significant, and with the globalization of productivity, with the globalization of the economy, the development of the economy is very important. The role of the "world is flat" gradually intensified, between countries to achieve integration, industry docking, culture, politics and other aspects of the overall impact of the role of land will gradually appear from this point of view, Luhai is comprehensive.

In addition, the area along the way is economic, but also cultural, or diplomatic, it is political. From the Chinese countries, along the way is based on today's China's development stage, based on the world pattern of a crack to solve the problem of China's mystery. Look at all the way, to
rolex replica watches  analyze the land and the ocean, but also analysis of economic, political, cultural aspects.

First, the area along the way is broken the flash of God. China is in the early stage of the rise, from the military, the international situation, crack the so-called island chain lock and other dilemmas to a critical period, this period can be a strategic opportunity, it can be a dark before dawn, Need the overall vision, not impatient, do not self-destruct the Great Wall to maintain the "rule of the big country if cooked small fresh" patience, but also need to see after the courage to be the courage to 
rolex replica break the courage. Today, China has come to this stage, is also facing this situation. Opposition, hostile forces, have been gearing up, sharpening, carried out a more closely linked, constantly compressing our strategic space, and constantly tightening our noose. This situation, there is no breakthrough, there is no outbreak, there is no jump out of the idea and ideas, is not enough, will be trapped, hanged.


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