Wang Hongmei in the crowd walk, to the tenants to swiss replica watches release their own information. "2016 years when the delivery of about 4,000 yuan per flat, April 1 rose to about 10,000. Although it can not transfer, but can sign a private agreement." She did not even know how to replica watches do procedures, when the tenant asked, always Take the initiative to propose mutual WeChat."I have a small property, is the move back to the room, 134 flat, 5,000 yuan per level, more than 1 km from the county. Have not registered, but can modify the name of the end of the list." Wang Hongmei told the audience, the small property room is 4-storey bungalows, are currently in a state of replica watches uk downtime, when the cover is not clear. "I give you change, the house is not delivered, I know them, you can go to modify." She picked up the phone, showing the circle of friends is a piece of land. 4 acres of land offer for 600,000 yuan.


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