Type 2 diabetes and Diabetes equivalent, seems to have become a norm of Chinese medicine, even if there is no clinical symptoms of Diabetes, medical records are also written on the corresponding correspondence. On the uk replica watches actual clinical situation, type 2 diabetes, most of the performance of Diabetes is not, and Chinese medicine can not be three "card" equate. Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients have occurred, more is no occurrence of Diabetes, or even no symptoms of patients. Clinical symptoms confirmed, we should pay attention to two aspects, one is the laboratory examination, that is, fasting blood glucose, glucose tolerance, etc., the second is four diagnostic ginseng, seek truth from facts to collect and confirm the symptoms of patients, more than three symptoms Is there, no is no, avoid subjective diet to add to the patient.
    Diabetes in Western medicine is the nature of the rolex replica disease, what is it in Chinese medicine? Is a disease phenomenon, is a clinical symptom. What is Diabetes? Is also a disease phenomenon, refers to a "consumer" and "thirsty" clinical features of a class of symptoms. The symptoms of diabetes are determined by the laboratory, the symptoms of Diabetes is the life of the should, one with a laboratory attribute, one with a life attribute, different symptoms of the rolex replica uk property. Blood sugar increased by the instrument perception, leaving the laboratory standards can not be confirmed; Diabetes in the patient's life induction, only the living people can perceive. Blood glucose and Diabetes belong to the same symptoms, perception of the different ways, can not replace each other, can not be equal. There are "consumer" and "thirsty" clinical features of the disease is the symptoms of Diabetes, no "eliminate" and "thirsty" clinical features of the disease phenomenon, not the symptoms of Diabetes.


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