"SFC is now the idea is to encourage more business IPO, increase the supply of secondary market assets, to minimize the kind of behavior in the past after the crazy

misappropriation." In a recent forum, the founder of the replica watch Thai capital and CEO Song Liangjing This means that.

According to the current week at least 10 companies will be the speed of the meeting, including the new media, Bona film industry, and power of the light, Spring and Autumn

Period, Jiaxing media and other companies are expected to visit A ​​shares.

Not only that, the entire venture capital market, in 2017, seems to be gradually pick up.

"We think the spring of the capital market may be coming." Tai Wo Capital Song Liangjing said: "We note that the last three quarters of the new project financing cycle is

shortening the primary market has a lot of fake watches stock funds to vote, incremental funds Also need to find the export, this is the market situation.

In fact, the entertainment capital on the FA department of a number of data also clearly shows that since 2017, cultural and entertainment venture capital market is becoming

increasingly active. Early entertainment entrepreneurs blindly panic, it is not necessary.

Investment bankers to uk replica watches confirm the rumors are true, "star capitalization" by the impact of the largest

April 13, a senior investment bank to confirm the entertainment capital, limiting the rumors of refinancing is true.


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