Through the refinancing of debt-to-equity swap project. "

Yesterday, this unconfirmed news, so that the swiss replica watches entire cultural media industry "fried pot." If the rumors are true, this may be the SFC to the entertainment industry listed on the

company to wear another "magic".

Some reports of hearsay, and even some entertainment companies start a panic - the secondary market refinancing tightening, will not be transmitted to the primary market,

leading to all the entertainment business financing difficulties?

Entertainment capital on the replica watches uk multi-party survey shows that strict restrictions on cultural media listed companies refinancing the news is not "groundless." But for the industry most

of the entrepreneurs, the situation is not so bad rumors.

Zhao Wei incident, the SFC to the replica watches entertainment industry to wear a "magic spell"?

Because, the refinancing of listed companies to tighten, but the policy side. Policy on the other side is - the moment, IPO is accelerating the audit, which also includes a number of

entertainment industry to be listed companies.


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