From the past life of electric cars, look at its future!EV1 electric carThe development of electric vehicles floating, come today, Tesla's high-profile debut so that electric cars and then into the public today's vision. From the US media motor1 was

informed that, throughout the swiss replica watches year 2016, Tesla in the global sales of new cars reached 76,230 units, compared with 2015, sales increased by 50.7%. Internet repairer enterprises

have also been electric vehicles as a starting point, have invested in factories.

This wave of electric car tide foreground geometry? Is to repeat the historical mistakes or the trend?

360 vice president of Shen Haiyin in May 2015 after leaving 360 to join an electric car business project, he recently shared, referred to the technical barriers to the development of replica watches uk electric vehicles, gave us a good inspiration.

Electric vehicle development has been facing the biggest obstacle from the cost of manufacturing electric vehicles. The real cost of replica watches manufacturing a pure electric vehicle is much higher than the fuel car. What is the main cost of pure electric vehicles? Only one, that is, the battery. The cost of the battery almost accounted for the entire electric vehicle costs 1/3 or even 1/2.


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