Through the current industry, the parameters of the two electric models, but also can see the electric car technology is rapidly evolving.

    BYD e6 400 models equipped with a set of fake watches 82kWh battery pack, the maximum mileage reached 400km, BYD e6 motor total power of 90kW, the total motor torque 450N · m.

    Tesla MODEL S product line pulled very long, the battery capacity from 60 to 100kWh. Entry-level MODEL S equipped with 60kWh lithium battery pack, the maximum mileage of

400km, 100 km to accelerate only 5.8s; top MODEL S P100D version, life mileage reached 613km, the motor total power metamorphosis transferred to the swiss replica watches 568kW, peak torque

Nearly a thousand cattle, which also let the car into a pure electric production car to accelerate the fastest models, 2.7s will be able to break a hundred.

At first, the fuel car by the technical update to catch up with the electric car, with the battery technology advances, electric vehicles will one day complete the anti-attack, regain new

life. Coupled with the government to encourage encouragement, charging the construction of accelerated construction, the public on the replica watch concept of environmental protection to

deepen, we have reason to believe that electric vehicles will no longer like the past,


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