Xingning District Court, in addition to taking before the diversion, filing and the establishment of the trial team split trial, the court further implementation of the document to

simplify the reform, the appropriate referee instruments to choose a swiss replica watches simplified format to improve the efficiency of the referee. The court studied in detail the laws of the case in the

last five years, distinguished the cases that could be implemented quickly, simplified the production and delivery of legal documents, shortened the payment process and the

implementation period. The court for the application of summary proceedings and may be sentenced to three years imprisonment cases, in the trial session to focus on trial, focus

on sentencing, improve the efficiency of criminal cases processing.

Jiangnan District Court, the establishment of civil and commercial case speed trial team, focused on simple civil and commercial cases. The court set up replica watches uk a mediation team in the

litigation service center, two civil quick trial team, a commercial quick trial team and other four teams, the case of scientific diversion distribution, so that civil and commercial case trial quality improved significantly.

Xixiangtang District Court and the District Procuratorate, the Public Security Bureau, the Judicial Bureau jointly signed the "on the establishment of criminal cases complicated

diversion briefing implementation approach", and with the Procuratorate agreed on the facts of the case of a clear criminal cases every Monday and Thursday Centralized delivery

of the trial; to meet the conditions for filing, the day to start the briefing procedures, focus on replica watches legal documents, centralized trial, focus sentencing, to establish a rapid investigation,

arrest, prosecution and trial channels.


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