a. I am not a university teacher, what is the use of papers? They can take this meal to eat, can I? After all, I am outside the system staff, to the book that is already tried! B.

Besides, I am now more than 40 years old, it is impossible to go back, if it is fifteen years ago, I will certainly read Bo. But now read Bo, money spent do not say, came out no

work, equal to a dry white! C. I will never send a paper, and I am standing in the book said, if there is a chance, my ideal is the work of the body! D. These academic institutions, to

know Dr. test, send papers, in addition, as if the world does not exist. It can be said that their paranoia in swiss rolex  their world must be correct. But do not forget, we as outside the system,

we know that the book said. Of course, our paranoia is certainly correct in our world. Need to remind is that we are all intellectuals, from beginning to end is the study of research

creation, the form can be different, essentially no different! E. A normal person, originally healthy, the result in the doctor 's surrounded, no disease, was also diagnosed a lot of

disease. Similarly, a system outside the staff, had written books very good, the results of the college surrounded, no problem, but also to find a lot of problems! F. I am not a

doctor of economics, but I am self-taught, is it wrong, or even illegal? I did not publish a paper, but I wrote the book, is it wrong, or even illegal? Plainly, you are picking bones in

the eggs, bully people fills! G. I do not rule out the normal comments in principle, as long as the objective reason on the line. After all, the forum is a public space, natural meetings

have talked about! H. Really engage in research, who cares you are a doctor of economics, or self-taught, you are published papers, or the book said, as long as the real results

on it. So, who cares? No he, half a bottle of replica watches vinegar is also! I think, you expect too high, too anxious, is not it? Indeed it is! We've been polished for years and I've been working

hard all the time. However, the system is the status quo, can only slowly change, or put yourself in mind to think, will be less quarreled! K. Home life and everyone are the same,

although everyone has their own personality arrangements. As for marriage and career, I first big business, and then will consider marriage. After all, I am a considerable person.

Of course, the system outside the staff to do research, hard work since Needless to say! L. There is no free lunch in the world, and the business is the same. Moreover, the bow did

not turn back arrows. Therefore, the fear of large, or halfway, after all, can not do the cause. In addition, there is no business people and the cause of the people, the mind is
certainly different, or even purely no common language of the replica watches uk two types of people! M. Over the past two decades, do not speak a variety of slander, do not say endless pain, do

not say big and small setbacks, is the test of life and death, I have experienced. And, because of all kinds of hardships, including the experience of life and death I have

experienced. So, I must have a career, and then big business! Nishi white teacher once said, Miao is strange people. I think that his judgment is quite accurate and the fact of iron.

After all, under the great task, Miao real thoughts, spirit and realm, certainly different from the average person, this hope that we understand a lot, give full tolerance, thank you!


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