The United States has been dominated by force as the main way to dominate the world, with their own values ​​to develop the world order, to the interests of their own needs,

their feelings of the likes and dislikes to the replica watches world, or encourage the color revolution, or directly overthrow the legitimate power of his country. After the end of the War to Resist

US Aggression and Aid Korea, forced by the war to solve the problem of China, and thus forced the whole country to change the world, the United States has been planning for

China, and other communist countries, the peaceful evolution. The people who put forward the policy of peaceful evolution, called Dulles, was the secretary of state of the United

States. From the fifties of the last century to the present, it can be said that the US policy toward China (peaceful evolution and force containment) has never changed, but China has

withstood such a test.

    Big country political game, there is always cooperation and confrontation, which also depends on the current situation. China and the United States have sought cooperation to

suppress the Soviet Union, but no matter what time, the United States are using China while also privately subverting China, so there will be China's 1989 turmoil. The mid-eighties

of the last century, the Soviet Union's internal economic recession and the intensification of ethnic conflicts arising from the problem, has been struggling with the United States in

the confrontation, to 1991, the Soviet Union once the socialist building, with the United States Cold War confrontation, came crashing down, and the disintegration of the United

States became the only superpower, the world appeared in a country alone situation.

    Reform and opening up so that we can close contact with the world, in contact with countries around the world, we have gained some useful experience for the development of <a href="" title="">replica watches uk</a>
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China's progress, world attention. The United States absolutely do not want to see the emergence of another superpower, with the rival, in China's national strength is far from its

time to compete, China had to take replica watches uk bite the bullet, keep the strategy, despite this policy has been criticized, and even some people to diplomacy To send out aphrodisiac drugs to swiss replica watches make fun of China's foreign policy. Small side said that in 1999 the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia bombing, the 2001 South China Sea collision incident, said that the United States

has been China's military containment, China's territorial integrity can not be achieved, are the new China Has been had to accept the humiliation.


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