This article was made on the evening of 8, has not been published, invited by a friend today, want me to write something to talk about the view of Xi Jinping visit the United States,

think this text has not yet officially published! And Zeng Jun teacher after the exchange, decided to re-organize after the publication!

    Concerned that US President Trump's speech at Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to the United States dinner is as follows: "I just want to replica watches say that it is a great honor to welcome

the Chinese President and his incredible and talented In China, she is a great star, a great singer, you come to the United States, I am very honored.We have been discussing for a

long time, so far, I have nothing to get, absolutely no. But we have developed friendship, which I can see.I think in the long run, we will have very, very good relationship, I am very

much looking forward to.
    I have noticed one of the short speeches of Mr. Chuan Pu: "We have been discussing for a long time, so far, I have nothing to get, absolutely no." I Trump as a politician's

conservation, not Dare to uk replica watches agree, but Trump is indeed a real talk of the happy people, this is no doubt. The meaning of this sentence is that Trump inadvertently to the identity of

the world's first power president, to confirm the world before the fact that these years already exist - the Chinese people have abandoned the compromise, keep a low profile

development strategy, turn And in the face of fake watches international affairs - China has not been intimidated by the US military intimidation strategy. President Chuanpu to say such a fact, is

China's top leader Xi Jinping today!


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