Do you know when I know the feelings and feelings of this diagnosis? There is no deep feelings, no personal experience, is not understand the share of the heavy heart and strong

tingling. Holding the phone, tears have long been like a burst of floods, dumping out. Although the aunt said, "said the white doctor, and the hope of correcting, with the drip, the replica watchesdaily medication, two - pronged, one week, as soon as possible conditioning, treatment that has begun to failure of the right heart.
But I still can not suppress the heart of the strong sad. I am sad not only because of my grandmother's right heart failure, but I clearly see a kind of indifferent power, gradually in my beloved grandmother close, and then close. At that moment, I suddenly emerged out of an inexplicable hate. In the replica watches uk end is hate the years do not forgive, or hate the demons of

the inability to expel? Or hate life for thousands of years of reincarnation? I do not know.
Over the past few years, with the uk replica watches grandparents gradually old, I have in my mind and dreams, there have been countless times this life to death are most do not want to see the

scene. I know that it is because I really is too afraid, the passage of time let me fear, my grandmother again and again the condition of the recurrence of my fear. Sometimes, I am

afraid to hate can not find an empty place, ruthless shouting several times, to release my mind that unspeakable worry, and that deep resistance.
If you pray, you can really efficacious. Well, I am willing. I would like to bow to the knees before the Buddha, the most devout heart to pray: pray for the Buddha, be sure to bless

my old grandparents longevity without delay, pray for you, do not indulge my grandmother's condition deteriorated again.


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