the bureaucratic

 Third, the bureaucratic "party and government system" has closely organized nearly 10 million party members; but in the market to swiss replica watches discuss the lives of ordinary party members and the "party system" is more and more obvious. In addition to the cost of the party, more than 80 million ordinary party members only more than ordinary people to do one thing: listen to officials read the official online documents and participate in online copy of the replica watches uk document points "exam".
    Fourth, the bureaucratic trend has led to a change in the nature of the party. Many college students to join the party is to be admitted to the "party and government system", from the masses to "official", and not for the rooted grassroots, the masses of their own liberation of their own noble. Now, the "party and government system" and "public institutions" other than the labor market organization, the largest employment market is private enterprises. Into the private enterprises, college graduates who have no time to replica watches participate in party activities do not want to pay the party. Moreover, the goal of building a party in a private enterprise is unclear. Does the party organization support employees or bosses in labor relations? Does the party organization make market decisions on behalf of the boss or when the boss manages the staff? A party member of the staff "quit", the party organization gone? Business collapse collapsed with the party organization also followed?


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