Wang Zhaohui is one of them. He likes to break through and make new attempts, this time there are many possibilities to help him practice the dream. "Now that I have everything I have, I will take control of my life."
Last week (April 10 - 14), A-share market once again blocked in the 3300 points before the closure. April 7, the highest index of the rolex replica Shanghai Composite Index 3295.19 points, while the highest point this week fell to 3290.39 points. Friday index is down nearly 30 points, down 0.91%. From Friday's trend, the broader market fell enough to get enough. This also means that the Shanghai index may once again before the 3300 points off without power and return.
    Since November 29 last year, the Shanghai Composite Index touched 3301.21 points after the moment, the Shanghai Composite Index has four replica watches uk and a half did not have a third handshake with the 3300 points. Although sometimes 3300 points in close proximity, but the stock market is again and again in the 3300 points off before the battle, people doubt 3300 is not a A-share market can not turn the "Flaming Mountain."

    Three thousand three, will be the A-share market can not turn the "Flaming Mountain" it? The answer is clearly negative: no.

    Although the 3300 points is indeed an important pressure on the stock market position. 2015 shares during the rescue market, the stock market at 3300 points above the accumulation of a large number of holding chips, but 3300 is not difficult to cross the A-share market, "Flaming Mountain." After all, 3300 is not the A-share market high, but only a hillside position. And the current A-share market this steady way to promote, like warm boiled frogs, it is to absorb the top of the replica watches 3300 points above the pressure on an effective method. It can be said, won the 3300 points for the A-share market, just a matter of time.


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