So, why in the April 10 to 14 of the trading week, the Shanghai Composite Index from 3300 points off before the battle came?
    The current A-share market, investors are weak, this is an objective fact, while this is also an important factor restricting the development of the rolex replica market. Its most obvious sign is that the market turnover can not be effectively amplified, the market has always been a kind of stock game. Which led to the market weakness of the reasons, mainly through the middle of June 2015 to 2016 early three waves of the impact of the stock market, the market sentiment has not effectively recovered.

    Although after 2017, the management increased the supervision of refinancing of listed companies, through the control of rolex uk refinancing amount to hedge the amount of IPO financing increased, but because there are a large number of restricted shares exist, while the reduction of important shareholders On, has not yet formed an effective management approach, the future restrictions on the lifting of the lifting of the climax of the market to bring the shadow of the market. Therefore, the confidence of investors has not been effectively restored. This is actually the A-share market to take "warm water" Quotes an important reason. In this case, the Shanghai index can be attacked before the 3300 points off is already very easy thing.

    In addition, in order to ensure long-term healthy and stable development of the stock market, the market for some "hot" hot spots, regulators pay attention, and introduced a number of regulatory measures, the market is still in the process of digestion and absorption.

    For example, the market in April rose, and the stock market speculation has a small relationship. Xiong concept stocks "stir" to the replica watches Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange from the listed company information disclosure and abnormal transaction behavior to carry out two aspects of linkage supervision. At the same time, after the day after the rise, there are more than only Xinan New Area concept stocks announced suspension check, this type of concept stocks speculation has come down, I believe that the stock market fell on Friday and Xiong concept stocks fall very Big relationship.


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