And her is different, Xiongxian Li Tongan began to regret not as soon as possible to replica watches uk purchase real estate. After the Spring Festival, Li Tongan heard rumors that Xiongxian, Rongcheng, Anxin to merge the establishment of Baiyangdian City, directly under the jurisdiction of Beijing. Home people would like to buy a house, but because he should concentrate on Kaoyan, no timely shot, and now only left regret. "The current state is no market. The government does not let go of the transaction, the so-called price is passed, Jizhong name of the district more expensive, April 1 new news before the swiss replica watches house there has been 17,000 yuan per square."

"I used to introduce myself, I would like to uk replica watches say that I was Baoding, that is Xiongxian. Because others do not know Xiongxian. Now we all know." Li Tongan said that the establishment of the news of the new security, worry about their own Can not buy a house. But the policy is better than before, very happy.s


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