After a few years, working in the hospital aunt, these years for grandparents old body, really broken heart. Especially grandmother's heart disease, each time a little bit

uncomfortable, my father is the first time with a grandmother to find aunt, and then take timely treatment.
Remember once, my grandmother's heart is not very good, I and my aunt to accompany her grandmother to find her attending physician white doctor. As the white doctor is busy,

aunt first busy to register, I will accompany my grandmother in the corridor and other doctors. Just as we chatted waiting time, suddenly across the rush came a white coat of  rolex replica watches doctors. At that time, I have never seen my grandmother's attending doctor, so do not recognize that is the grandmother to find the rolex replica  white doctor. I saw that when the doctor

rushed through our side, my grandmother suddenly stood up, like a child staggering chasing the doctor walked. I pulled her grandmother and asked her what to go? Grandma

said a little silly to me; "That is white doctor.
I looked back at the back of my grandmother, the busy white doctor apparently did not come to my grandmother for treatment, because he walked silently, has rushed to the end of the  fake rolexcorridor. And grandmother to see the white doctor when the look, that move, but inexplicable brought back my heart deep sorrow and grief.
That is, a week ago, my grandmother once again because of breathing difficulties, but was father and aunt brought to find the doctor to do the inspection. Diagnostic results - right

heart failure!


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