People are the main body of the social system operation, people in the social system to run a kind of characteristics (human nature) is a long time to understand their own people, to understand a major issue of society. So what is the middle of human nature is beneficial to the operation of the rolex replica community (to strengthen the relationship between cooperation) attributes, which are unfavorable attributes? In order to facilitate the study of human nature, it is generally divided into natural and social attributes of two aspects.

    The natural attributes of human beings, also known as human biologicality, are the characteristics of human formation in biological evolution, mainly by the material structure of the human body, the rolex replica watches physiological structure and the basic characteristics of the process of intercourse with nature in millions of years, such as appetite , Sexual desire, self-preservation ability and so on. The natural attributes of humans are basically the same as other creatures, especially mammals and primates that are close to humans. Especially the behavior of human babies more like animals, such as children get food is generally first to his mouth to send. When a hungry child sees a food he knows, he instincts to eat and eat, and will not consider whether the food belongs to fake rolex him, whether he has the right to eat, others are not in need of this Food and so on. This shows that human nature, or biological nature is inherited in the evolutionary process, is born with, that is, by the genetic decision.


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