ruling party

What is the truth of water? The first is the benefit of things, not the emphasis on the noble; the second is the trend, the total to the noble shame of the humble place to go with the bottom of the masses together, hard and simple, not poetry and painting, poetry tea camellia appreciation Force is proud of; the third is to fight, homeopathy, modest and prudent, "Qiao also do not compete for spring." "Lu's Spring and Autumn" has words, "water does not rot, household pivot (that is, the door axis) is not a beetle (sound block, that is, insects)." Zhu Xi also lamented, "asked the drainage which is clear, for the source of living water. "Rivers of water pollution foul, but the reactionary reaction, to break through all obstacles on the road ahead. If my party can blend with the people and milk, through thick and thin, always thinking about solving problems for every household, naturally up and down concentric, how to keep "advanced", how to "overturned" worry? But the "loss and more than the world," the "Heaven Road" to the enemy "loss is not enough to have more than", the winner take the "people of the Road" After all, "people go to the height, the water to the low flow", so there is a boat boat over the cycle. Is the so - called "rolling Yangtze River east of the water, spray scouring hero.
    Worried about the moment of strict governance of the party "palliative" is not unreasonable. But that "the", that is, the root cause, not what can cause the regime to live forever "system", but the ruling party against the water line, no longer willing to "at all evil", from the ordinary people, from the masses of emotion and daily Appeal. On the surface, the ruling is from top to bottom on the big policy issued orders. But that is the result of the ruling, not the reasons for the ruling. The ruling party is the party first, no party to talk about governance, let alone long-term ruling. The pure bureaucratic system is nothing but a castle in the air.
    What is the party doing? The task of the party is to root the grassroots organizations. What is the power of replica watches uk power? The ability to organize grassroots society, power is the power of power. The loss of the ruling power of the Kuomintang was not on October 1, 1949, but had long been lost, or never received. The loss of the ability to organize grassroots society, power, no to organize and lead the people's autonomy, social order disorder and even chaos, the pack and who - who have the ability to organize grassroots society who will replace it. The government of the United States has organized the "civil societies" (civil society), that is, all kinds of NGOs (non-governmental organizations), to contribute to the community's tax exemption. In other words, let the capitalists belong to the government's tax to educate the masses and organize the society. Therefore, the real ruling group of the United States is not a four-year table for the government, but those who organize the capital of the rolex replica capitalists. But the United States more and more corrupt NGOs, the average administrative expenditure accounted for more than Bacheng total expenditure, almost into the pocket. Although there are several years of multi-party competition, the current US and European governments into the elite and civilians of the demands of the replica watches dispute, caught in the grassroots social organizations struggle each other, is the two extreme in the sharp swing.


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