There are senior users asked, Miao teacher, network lectures for so many years, your comments on the netizens how to see? I Miao real reply, only 0.01% of users, their

comments are responsible, worthy of rolex uk being valued. After all, they have worked hard, comprehensive and profound systematic study of my work. In other words, 99.99% of the
users, just according to my words to comment, is completely irresponsible, do not have to be ignored. Furthermore, all my works, behind all have their own ideological framework,

if not fully and systematically study the study, but according to replica watches a few words to understand the superficial, so that the comments are pale and weak, and even worthless. Of course,

there is such a dilemma, there are objective reasons, can not blindly invincible hundreds of thousands of rolex replica users. After all, on the one hand the current social rhythm fast, forced by

life, we are very busy, can not draw a lot of specialized time to a comprehensive and profound systematically study my work, on the other hand my work has six books more than

two million words , Is to seriously read it again, completely complete, is not so easy So, 99.99% of users, their comments, almost can laugh it. Just now, a netizen, read some of my

things, he said, you can write these words, that is only reading, not the value of knowledge. Of course, the value of knowledge can have many angles. You are now too impetuous,

and suggested that you can carefully read the book, followed by a wide range of coverage, the classic look, "FMCG" class books can also see. The more you see the book, the

more you limit yourself, the first example of what I have encountered. Twenty years, I think your current achievements, not worthy of these two decades. You do not have to refute

me, I just casually talk about it. The acquaintance of the man is nothing more!


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