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From Yemen to Iraq, Syria and other countries, these are located in the "Islamic turmoil arc" on the national war, does not mean that the lack of business people. Yemen has been seen for many years as one of the rolex replica most prevalent areas of extreme extremism in the world, but it is also a country with more than two thousand years of commercial tradition.
    This ancient country in West Asia and North Africa known as the "happy area", "green zone", the birth of the earliest Arab countries Mai Yin (8th century BC to the 3rd century BC) and the Sai Bo Yi Kingdom (750 BC - 115 BC Year), the Egyptian Giza region and the Greek island of rolex replica watches Diego have unearthed the insignificant left by the businessman, commercial tax early along with the agricultural tax to keep pace with the main source of income for the country; Sai Bo Yi people more known as the "South China Sea Philippine Nicky people ", long-term exclusive of the South China Sea (the Arabian Peninsula to the south of the sea) trade, also developed between Yemen and Syria land trade routes.

    Until now, the business traditions of the fake rolex people of Matthew and Sai Boyi have continued to flourish, so that businessmen from the eastern part of Yemen's Hadela province are all over the world. Osama bin Laden family is originated in Yemen Hadela Mao province, although bin Laden "horror tycoon" status is known as the world, but he and his family first in Saudi Arabia and Europe and the United States market break a sky success And Osama bin Laden has been able to operate Al Qaeda for many years and is based on its commercial success.


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