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I had the early years of the title of "rule of law and" democratic "superstition" of the anthology, included some of the last century of the manuscript. Comrade Wang Hailong selected this "faith of the people: the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese political tradition", compiled a number of contributions since the new century, most of the  discussion of national progress and the logic of the price. Both for a scholar, of course, very grateful to openly record the opportunity to change the path of thought, grateful for the preparation of this book to do a lot of cumbersome work comrades. Because of the author's thinking and writing ability is limited, the quality of the article varies, in this way to the replica watches uk reader apology.
    Recalling these articles, the biggest sigh is the rapid prosperity of our price. 40 years of reform and opening up the achievements of the world recognized, but the price is also rising significantly, the most heavy price is the decline of the quality of the ruling party and the growth of replica watches corruption. "The core force that leads our cause is the Chinese Communist Party." The quality of the party determines the future of China. Since the 18th CPC Central Committee with the thunderbolt to strictly rule the party, to reverse the spread of corruption. I enthusiastically support this policy. Frozen three feet of non-day cold, no matter what kind of criticism between the spread, strict management of the party's policy should not slacken to live until the party to restore their modesty, honest and self-discipline of the public image.

    Why does the party corrupt? The fundamental answer is human instinct: from thrifty into luxury, by the extravagant frugality. Because of the creation of wealth and Xing, but by the erosion of wealth and decline. There is no perpetual motion machine, no ruling group can never corrupt, no country can always thrive. Multi-party competition system can be anti-corruption? There is no more than this shallow judgment, the theory does not work, but also with history and reality does not match. Longevity is fake watches science, but longevity is superstition. The fundamental answer points to the final fate, but no practical use. Longevity is not old, but longevity of the real existence.

    On the regime's longevity side, the ancients said, "good water" quite attractive. I explained myself: "the water of all things and not to fight, the people of the evil, so a few words." His mysterious, explain all the "Road" actually close to the water.


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