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 As long as we are not advocated by some of the flickering, in the foreseeable future, there will be no German, French, Scandinavian countries as foreign immigrants and refugee crisis.
    The reason why this news is so strong in the whole society, the key reason is involved in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Mali and other war countries and Muslim countries.
    The report said the Yiwu government work report shows that the city in 2016 a total of 9675 foreigners issued a temporary residence permit, an increase of 17% over last year, of fake watches which more than half of Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and other war-torn countries, Which Iraq was last year to apply for temporary residence in Yiwu country.
    For ordinary people, in the face of almost all the world's endless horror and riot news, since 2015 has seen the European refugees chaos, the relevant countries and regions alert, it is a normal reaction, but according to my Understand, I think we can believe that the relevant departments of the replica watch country and Yiwu local management of this issue.
    First of all, according to my years from the relevant departments of Yiwu comrades to understand the situation, stay in Yiwu for a long time the most foreigners are Koreans, not from the Muslim countries; last year's incremental and years of formation The overall stock, which is two completely different concepts.
    But South Korea and other East Asian businessmen have been fully integrated into Yiwu local life and difficult to swiss replica watches identify, Europe and the United States businessmen lifestyle and Yiwu is not much difference, the West Asian businessmen because of race, clothing, lifestyle and Yiwu foreign business is very conspicuous.


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