Another example, the "high send" theme is the A-share market over the years to gather a popular theme, regulators recently for "high send" a series of swiss replica watches routines have a lot of attention, which makes a lot of such companies Have to modify the program, reduce the proportion of transfer to transfer. Regulatory attention to the "motive impure" high transfer behavior has been convergence, the overall high transfer to the concept of stock speculation heat has declined.
    From the perspective of the healthy development of the stock market, the SFC to strengthen the supervision of the practice is worthy of recognition. Strengthen supervision may affect the short-term market trend, but from the long-term point of view, it is conducive to the healthy development of the stock market. From the perspective of the long-term development of the rolex replica stock market, the healthy development of the stock market, far more than the short-term stock market is much more important. On the current market, although the index fell off before the 3300 points off, but in the long run, the stock market to 3300 points above the trend is the trend, this big direction is not because of replica watches uk short-term fluctuations in the change The Further, the stock market short-term from 3300 points off before the battle, which is for the healthy development of the stock market must pay a price.
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