Why do Professor Qian Liqun say that our current university is cultivating a group of "exquisite ritualists"? Because the academic has become a money, fame and fortune, then the paper can spend money to uk replica watches buy, Dr. title can also spend money to buy, than the world famous is nothing more than the number of papers published; from top to bottom, we are in their respective To learn how to use the existing rules (including the unspoken rules) to replica watches uk make money. Up the next effect, which will inevitably become a student's behavior. "Exquisite rituals", the more intelligent, the more "refined", the more able to use the hidden rules for profit. "Talent" more and more, but not really academic.
    Some time ago a number of replica watches professors of the characters issued a lament, in order to obtain title, authority, made academic papers, works, can not do not meet those who have the power to determine the power of academic evaluation, otherwise it is impossible to obtain these powers and authority. Wait until you have the power, you can safely do some real innovation research, but the age has been too large, the idea has been cured, and can not do innovation results.


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