I am now an old driver in academia, especially in economics. After all, independent research in economics and Chinese economics has been a full twenty years. Once, because not the doctor of economics and university professors were repeatedly humiliated and ruthlessly rejected by some people. So, when I decided not to live in the rolex replica eyes of some people,

to embrace the most real of their own, my self-confidence tolerance, my real piety and my studies have made, so that thousands of netizens, including many Institutional

economists see that economists do not have only one standard. Moreover, in economics and China's economic self-taught, of course, can be a real economist. For example, Mr.

Mao Yushi, Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan, Mr. Li Daoxiao, and I, are science and engineering students and self-taught economists. According to "Hayek Biography" records, although the

Nobel Prize is a turning point in his later years, but Hayek for the Nobel Prize in economics have views. On October 10, 1974, at the Nobel Prize Grand Dinner dinner, Hayek said

the words: "If someone had asked me if I should set up a Nobel Prize in economics, I would resolutely oppose it "The reason is that he feared that" such an award would make

more people chasing the fashion of replica watches uk science. "The second reason is that the Nobel Prize will give those economists with undue authority. Economics is not the same as natural

science. A physicist, even if he gets a physics prize, can only affect the professional physicists. And economists will mainly affect laymen: politicians, journalists, civil servants and the

general public. Everyone is willing to listen to replica watches a Nobel Prize economist for the management of the economy, and even the country has any good idea, and the winners themselves

are easy to think that he really is omniscient. As a result, there is a so-called "blasphemy of knowledge".


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