political power

  We all know that official power corruption, corrupt officials in power, the real good officer is a rare bit. Academic corruption is the same. If the academic corruption and authority and power, but also to the replica watches money as a measure of the name, it is impossible to support the real theoretical innovation. What is happening today is that you support me with evaluation rights, and tomorrow I use authority to support you, and the name of the name of the swiss replica watches  game to do this fame, people more difficult to identify. In general, the real academic innovation can not be attached to a faction, and even challenge the authority of the theory, the traditional theory of criticism. So that China's current such a social science research system, academic and theoretical environment, the real theoretical innovation is difficult to produce, and more impossible to get support. In the garbage everywhere, the real good books, good papers but difficult to find it is not surprising.
    Everyone knows that political power corruption can lead to a country where a political party is not contemporary, but academic corruption, education corruption can lead to fake watches a country without a future. Now there is a strong power of the central anti-corruption, for a society, this is the surface of corruption. Anti-corruption must be in-depth, anti-academic corruption, anti-education corruption has reached an urgent point. Building innovation society, this is the fundamental.


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