national ideology

    Why since the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty two thousand years of the dynasties have claimed that "filial piety to the world" There are family "filial piety" have grassroots community "faithful". Social "loyalty" only the government's "honor and disgrace", that is, "the four-dimensional". This is to say that the government is based on the rule of the grassroots community.
    Mr. Fei Xiaotong put forward the concept of "squire China", which means that the governance of traditional China is the rule of the gentry. First, the squire is a "Confucian party", the gentry of the rule of the primary school Confucian disciples of the leadership of the autonomy, and the government composed of Confucian disciples are organic consistent. Second, the core values ​​of society is to the country, the rise and fall of the truth is similar. I just instructed Bian Hengqin students completed their thirty million words of doctoral thesis, "the rise and fall of ancient Chinese national ideology." He takes the Han Dynasty classics and the Song and Ming Dynasties as an example to demonstrate that the rise and fall of the mainstream values ​​of swiss replica watches society depends on two elements: whether the grassroots society has organized; whether the relationship between the grassroots social organizations and the government is mutually supportive. Third, squire China is also bureaucratic system of administrative costs are low, the people do not bear heavy taxes, the main dynasties are up to three hundred years of reasons. Fourth, "know the house leak in the Yu, know the political loss in the grass wild", the fundamental policy is to understand and respond to the demands of grassroots people. If the party lost its ability to understand the sufferings of the masses, lost the ability to mobilize and organize the people's autonomy, let the people themselves liberate their own ability to degenerate into the bureaucracy from the top of the treasury to buy peace, and will lose Dominate the government's macroeconomic policy direction. Wind from the green Ping, waves in the micro-Lan. Bureaucratic system no roots, can not afford to wind and waves, so dynasties are called governance is "to filial piety the world."
    Now, the ruling party has evolved into a bureaucratic administrative system trend, it is worrying.
    First, the party and bureaucratic government is not the same thing, the party has nearly 90 million members, almost every one of the ten adult people. The question is not whether the party wants to lead the government, the ruling party of course to lead the government, the Government of fake watches course, to implement the party's major policy. The question is how can the party lead the government? Where does the big policy come from? If the party itself becomes a government, and the party leads the government? That is the party to cancel their own.
    Second, once the party evolved into a purely bureaucratic administrative system, the Executive Council, regardless of cost to complete a wave of "political missions", would become secondary to the professional standards and the necessary cost-effectiveness of administrative law enforcement. (5 + 2, white and black), but the organization of millions of residents of the uk replica watches autonomy of the community politics, "the government of the party and government system, Tasks and the implementation of the community and the daily life of the relevant laws and regulations of the administrative task but lack of people, lack of money, lack of time.


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