Zengxian County real estate business in the real estate business Liu Cong told the economic observation network, he was a friend of the uk replica watches care, the transfer of the Tang Dynasty international community a set of 139 square meters of the house, offer 23,000, need to buy the whole. This count down, this house worth 3.197 million yuan. "He did furniture business in Xiongxian, because the funds have problems, but also worried that the rolex replica watches late policy changes can not be transferred, so want to transfer." Liu Cong said that during the two sessions Xiongxian has no room to buy, because the sales department is almost no longer allowed to swiss replica watches sell. Last year, Xincheng District, Sheng Tang International and other residential area price of 4,000 yuan per square, rose to 6,000 yuan in July and August, the end of selling 9,000 yuan, after the year gradually from 10,000 to the current 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.


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