This article has long been written, has not been settled, some of the middle of the discussion, coupled with the previous and friends have written a macro three tables of the article,

so that no need to write one.

    However, the recent Xiongan New District is not allowed to rolex replica speculation, real estate, in my opinion, from Hong Kong's bad land, oligarchy, to change the pattern of housing in

Singapore, which the future of the local government's fiscal revenue is historic Turning point, but also to re-look at the local government revenue source of the time.

    Xinhua News Agency reported on rolex replica uk April 15, Hebei Xiong'an New Provisional Party Committee, the Preparatory Committee issued a policy, resolutely crack down on land, real

estate in the field of criminal acts, real estate speculation, enclosure hoarding and other acts, , Crackdown on high pressure situation; the violation of the law, found together, investigate and deal with, never tolerate soft. On all obstacles to the overall planning and construction of the new behavior, will be resolutely corrected according to law. Xiong'an

District insisted that "the house is used to live, not used to fry the" positioning, is strictly prohibited large-scale development of real estate.

    Xiong An New District is uk replica watches a piece of experimental field, in addition to a variety of attempts, there is one of the most important attempt is the local government is no longer from

the land assets in exchange for the largest income, how to build a modern economic zone?


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