If the party needs to closely contact the masses, first of all need to mobilize the "party and government system" outside the ordinary party members. If 80 million ordinary party members in addition to the cost of the party is to participate in formalist political learning, no mission, no glory, but no way to monitor the "party and government system" in the officials, they will think that they are associated with the fate of the party and the party?
    Organization of grass-roots society, for the people, for their own living community residents, so we join the Chinese Communist Party noble, glorious. Our party has nearly 90 million party members, almost every one of the replica watches uk ten adults. Such a large "volunteer" organization, some people, rich, but also lead the government's administrative and law enforcement forces, the party has to organize the community's responsibility and power "out", not to assume "outsourcing" service "social organization And social enterprises "need to mobilize the proportion of funds to do administrative expenses even" profits.
    The Communist Party in each village to establish branches, organized grassroots society excellent ability, so can replace the KMT. As a ruling party, the Communist Party of course has its own bureaucratic institutions, but can not lose the basic nature of the party. Loss of flatness without the party, only the bureaucratic system. The flat party organization is the cause of the ruling system of the party. "The people of the evil" grass-roots party organizations, rather than the temple on the leading body, is the party's greatest vitality and power. Grassroots party branch should not be engaged in the "party inspection" and forced to forge several years of branch activity records, should not be the replica watches object of superior oppression. Grassroots organizations are the main body of serving the people, but also the supervisor of the superior, supervise the superior, reject the main body of corruption, the whole foundation of the party's vitality.
    The author of the party to take the "mass line", both to rolex replica solve the party's own corruption problem and solve the grassroots social problems, full of hope. At the rising age of the country, seeing and recognizing the problem is the hope of solving the problem.


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