These acts of great harm to the development of human society are in some wrong cultural propaganda and agitation, launched a lot of people to do. People in the social activities show the self-interest, independence, exclusivity, the pursuit of material interests, and even greed, brutal, cold and other characteristics are actually the specific performance of human nature. People's social attributes are often influenced by the natural attributes of people, and some cultural propaganda that conforms to the natural attributes of swiss replica watches people is easily accepted by people; some social norms that require people to bind natural attributes and even to give up their individual needs, even if From a large range, from the long-term interests of the  human, but also for each individual are beneficial behavior requirements are often very difficult to achieve. As people often say, "do good things like the current sailing, to make great efforts; and do bad things is often a difference occurred on the".

    The natural attributes of people are in fact very similar to the natural attributes of animals. In the millions of years of rolex replica human evolution, in the human nature, selfish, cruel, brutal, vicious these features have been deeply retained in the human body, and may even have been reflected in the human genes. If the hundreds of millions of years in the evolution of the process, human beings from a variety of biological genes inherited down the characteristics are also taken into account. Then the character that is similar to the replica watches uk beast reflected in the human gene may be more. Of course, the natural attributes of people and animals are still very different, such as people's way of thinking, learning ability. And human and animal characteristics of the difference is greater or social.


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